Voting in the June 7, 2016 Presidential Primary Election

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections


All registered voters can vote in the primary election. Voting for a Presidential Candidate depends on the party you are registered with. The table below outlines the options.

If you registered as … Your ballot name is … Your ballot includes …
Party’s Candidates for
U. S. President
County Party Central Committee
American Independent (AI) American Independent YES NO
Democratic (DEM) Democratic YES Supervisor
District 1 only
Green (GRN) Greent YES NO
Libertarian (LIB) Libertarian YES NO
Peace and Freedom (PF) Peace and Freedom YES NO
Republican (REP) Republican YES NO
No Party Preference (NPP)
or “Other” *
You may choose 1 of 4 ballots
listed in the next column
American Independent YES NO
Democratic YES NO
Libertarian YES NO
Non Partisan NO NO
*To get a Green, Peace and Freedom, or Republican ballot, you must re-register and choose that party.

Register online, or call 415-473-6456 for a paper form.
Last day to register for this election is May 23.

Voting at the polls, No Party Preference (NPP) or Other: Tell the poll worker which ballot you want to vote on from the choices available to NPP/Other voters (see chart above).

Voting by mail, No Party Preference or Other: Tell us your party ballot preference.
Mail the Party Preference Form to:
Marin County Elections Department
P.O. Box E
San Rafael CA, 94903

All ballots will include voter-nominated and nonpartisan federal, state and judicial offices, and state propositions and countywide measures. Depending on where you live, your ballot may also include candidates for county supervisor, city council, and special districts, and local measures.