Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Coalition of Bay Area Elections Officials
Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

We believe freedom is an inherent human right. Freedom is fragile in nature, best maintained and nurtured through the democratic process. The success of the democratic process requires fair and open elections, which accurately reflect the intent of the electorate.

As Elections Officials, we are entrusted with the responsibility to protect and promote public trust and confidence by conducting accurate, fair, and transparent elections. To reach this goal, we must be guided by ethical, non-partisan, law-abiding principles. Through a dedicated adherence to this Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, we demonstrate our pledge to freedom, our pride in our profession, and a commitment to the democratic process.

As mandated by the Constitution of the State of California and Government Code and to ensure that every citizen can have confidence in the integrity of their county government and the impartiality of their County’s Election Administration, we swear this Oath of Allegiance. Under this oath, we solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitutions of the United States and the State of California. We follow the Rule of Law.

The Coalition of Bay Area Elections Officials, herein pledges to adhere to this Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

As public servants, entrusted with the conduct of elections, we promise to:

  • Uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of California, and the laws, regulations, policies, and court decisions of federal, state, and local jurisdictions;
  • Uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in order to restore and reinforce public trust and confidence in elections;
  • Observe the highest standards of performance and discharge faithfully the duties of office;
  • Maintain public confidence by conducting impartial elections with fairness, efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and honesty;
  • Manifest a positive role in the communities we serve by remaining accessible and receptive to individuals and groups, and exhibiting fair and equitable treatment of all members of our communities;
  • Be flexible and innovative within the framework of the law to carry out the duties of Elections Officials on behalf of the public’s interest;
  • Have courage and stamina to protect the public interest;
  • Conduct fiscal responsibilities with thoughtful consideration, integrity, and accountability;
  • Not take part in any action that can be misconstrued or perceived to be a conflict of interest, including, but not limited to, the use of position or station to endorse or otherwise influence an item or person on the ballot;
  • Provide equal opportunities to participate in the democratic process to all voters; and
  • Treat all persons and parties of interest in a fair, neutral, and non-partisan manner, regardless of political affiliation.