Voter Education and Outreach Advisory Committee

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections


The Voter Education and Outreach Advisory Committee (VEOAC) is a diverse collection of community members who work with the Marin County Registrar of Voters to alert voters about upcoming elections and share important non-partisan messaging created by the Elections Department. Additionally, the VEOAC works to:

  • Provide feedback on new outreach messaging and tools created by the Elections Department.
  • Help inform voters about changes relating to the Voter’s Choice Act implementation.
  • Help identify and invite any additional communities missing from the conversation.
  • Advise the Registrar of Voters on effective strategies to serve voters in historically underrepresented communities.

Although the VEOAC will have meetings, it is expected that a more informal structure (for example, email communications) will allow for greater flexibility towards meeting the goal of addressing the diverse issues that may require input.




Members of the VEOAC consist of a diverse array of organizations including governmental and private non-profit; faith-based groups; academic, and youth and senior-oriented institutions; politically active groups; and community-based/service delivery organizations that provide culturally competent/intelligent services.

Invited partners are chosen because of several factors including a commitment to promote civic engagement, service to historically underrepresented voters, being a trusted place in the community, and a commitment to meet our mission of maximizing access and participation through knowledge.

Community members who are interested in serving on the VEOAC may contact Registrar of Voters Lynda Roberts by calling (415) 473-6456.

Current Partners

Current Partners

Below is a current list of organizations who are partners in the VEOAC. We continue adding partners daily to expand our coalition and reach into the community to educate and prepare voters to participate. We are grateful for their partnership and wish to acknowledge their contribution.

  • Agricultural Institute of Marin (Farmer's Market)
  • Asian Advocacy Project
  • Bayside MLK Academy
  • Board of Supervisors Aides
  • Canal Alliance
  • City and Town Clerks:
    • Belvedere City Clerk
    • Corte Madera Town Clerk
    • Fairfax Town Clerk
    • Larkspur City Clerk
    • Mill Valley City Clerk
    • Novato City Clerk
    • Ross Town Clerk
    • San Anselmo Town Clerk
    • San Rafael City Clerk
    • Sausalito City Clerk
    • Tiburon Town Clerk
  • Community Action Marin
  • Community Development Agency
  • Election Advisory Committee
  • Hearing Loss Association of America (North Bay chapter)
  • Homeward Bound
  • Language Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • League of Women Voters of Marin County
  • Libraries:
    • Belvedere Tiburon Library
    • San Anselmo Library
  • Mainstreet Moms
  • Marin Center for Independent Living
  • Marin Community Clinics
  • Marin County Commission on Aging
  • Marin County Disability Access Program
  • Marin County Office of Equity
  • Marin County Youth Commission
  • Marin Interfaith Council
  • Multicultural Center of Marin
  • North Marin Community Services
  • City and Town Clerks:
  • Party Central Committees:
    • Democratic
    • Peace & Freedom
    • Republican
  • Performing Stars
  • Play Marin
  • Student Elections Ambassador Program
  • The Spahr Center
  • Veda Florez (individual contractor)
  • Vivalon (formerly Whistlestop)
  • Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • West Marin Community Services
  • West Marin Multi-Services Ctr. (Marin Co. HHS)
  • West Marin Senior Services