What We Do

Mina Martinovich, Department of Finance

Established under Government Code Sections 26980-26990, the consolidated office of the Director of Finance (Department of Finance) is responsible for the powers and duties of the offices of the auditor, controller, tax collector, treasurer, and public administrator. These state-mandated functions are governed by the California Revenue and Taxation Code, Government Code, Code of Civil Procedures, and Probate Code. The Director of Finance also serves as the County’s Chief Investment Officer with fiduciary responsibility of all funds in the county treasury.

The mission of the Department of Finance is to instill the public’s trust in County government and to ensure the financial integrity of the County of Marin by safeguarding its funds and promoting the prudent utilization of County resources.

Our vision is to effectively lead in all issues related to Countywide accounting, financial reporting and analysis, payroll services, investments, fiscal administrative services, property tax administration and collection, internal audit, and the oversight and administration of decedent estates. We serve as a collaborative partner and fiscal advisor to the County Administrator’s Office, Board of Supervisors and County government as a whole in their consideration of short and long term fiscal decisions and planning. We strive to inspire and elevate public trust in County government by safeguarding the County’s financial integrity, advocating and implementing best practices, and ensuring compliance with mandates and fiduciary responsibilities.