Accounts Payable

Mina Martinovich, Department of Finance

The Accounts Payable Division’s primary mission is to ensure the processing of timely, accurate and secure payments and to provide excellent customer service to the County of Marin departments and special districts. We have the option of processing payments via check, wire, or Automated Clearing House (ACH).

The Division is responsible for paying invoices for all goods and services purchased by the County of Marin, and some special districts. In addition, the Accounts Payable Division issues employee reimbursement checks and produces 1099 reporting.

Vendor master data is maintained by the Accounts Payable Division. The Division generates various daily, bi-weekly, monthly and year end reports to validate and reconcile the County’s vendor payments.

The Accounts Payable Division,, responsibilities include:

  • Upholding the County Procurement Policy Procurement Manual (2023)
  • Auditing and approving invoices for payment
  • Stop payment, cancelling and reissuing lost checks
  • Stale-dated check processing
  • Creating and maintaining vendor master records
  • Interfacing payment files from special districts into the County’s centralized financial accounting system
  • Monitoring, coordinating and reconciling purchasing cards for all county departments
  • Processing check, ACH and wire payments for the County and certain special districts
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Income and 1099 Interest Income reporting

Vendor Self Service

VSS is an internet based method for registered, approved vendors to log in and update critical information such as address, banking and contact information; to view purchase order and approved contracts for goods and services; and to review invoice and payment history. VSS also allows new vendors to register online quickly with the County and provides an online method for participating in County bid opportunities.

County Departments will remain the primary point of contact for the vendors that they work with, but the portal streamlines the registration process and alleviates paper-based administrative burden involved with the setup and ongoing maintenance.

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Alternatively you can submit vendor information by filling out the Vendor Application, including listing the County of Marin contact information (Page 2), and submit to