Property Tax Bills

Mina Martinovich, Department of Finance

Property Tax Bill Information and Due Dates

  • Secured property tax bills are mailed only once in October.
  • Secured property taxes are payable in two (2) installments which are due November 1 and February 1. Penalties apply if the installments are not paid by December 10 or April 10, respectively.
  • Send the correct installment payment stub (1st or 2nd) when paying your bill.
  • Duplicate bills are available on request.
  • Revised tax bills may have different due dates, so please read your bill carefully!

Paying Your Property Tax Bill

Payments may be made using any of the methods below; partial payments are not accepted and will be returned.
Online: using your Parcel Number.
Phone: 1-800-985-7277 using your Bill Number.
Mail: Tax Collector’s Office, PO Box 4220, San Rafael, CA 94913-4220.
Office: 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 202, San Rafael, CA 94903.
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, closed holidays.

A 2.35% processing fee, or a minimum fee of $1.49, applies to all credit card and debit card payments. There is no charge for electronic fund transfers (EFT). Transaction fees will reflect as an additional charge on your next credit card or bank statement and are retained by the payment processor, not County of Marin. Please retain the payment confirmation number provided at the end of the transaction for your records.

If using your bank's online bill pay service, enter the parcel number and bill number being paid in the account number field. Schedule such payments to fund at least 5 business days prior to the delinquency date to ensure that your bank has sufficient time for processing.

Lender Payments:
If your property tax bill states, “A COPY OF THIS BILL WAS SENT TO A PAYING AGENT AT THEIR REQUEST”, this means a lender requested your tax bill.  Retain your copy for your records if your lender is responsible for paying your taxes. Clarify with your lender prior to the due date if you are uncertain whether they pay your property taxes. If you become responsible for paying the taxes during the tax year because you paid your mortgage in full, refinanced, etc., please make your payment by the due dates.

Avoid Late Penalties:
To avoid penalties, pay the first and second installment on or before December 10 and April 10, respectively. State law extends the deadline to the following Monday if December 10 or April 10 is a weekend. The United States Postal Service cancellation postmark determines the payment date. Penalties apply to payments postmarked after the due date and are returned if the penalty amount is not included. Include the correct payment stub(s) from your tax bill for each installment you are paying. If paying both installments at the same time, include both stubs. Last minute payments can be made at:

Parcel Tax Exemptions:
Most school districts and some special districts provide an exemption from parcel taxes for qualified senior citizens. The individual districts administer and grant these exemptions. If you are over the age of 65 and use the property as your principal residence, you may be eligible for a parcel tax exemption.  Please contact the districts directly at the phone numbers located under your name and address on the front of your property tax bill for exemption eligibility requirements, or visit:

School Bond Exemptions:
California law does not permit exemptions for school bonds.

Parcel Taxes, Other Charges and Fees/Exemptions:
Taxing agency contact information is provided on the front of your tax bill under your name.  For an explanation of the parcel tax, charge, or fee, or to inquire about possible exemptions, please contact the taxing agency directly at the phone number provided, or visit

View Property Tax and Assessment Contact Information

New Home Owner and New Construction Supplemental Assessment:
The County Assessor’s Office issues a supplemental assessment when a change in ownership occurs or new construction is completed. Supplemental assessments reflect the difference between the new assessed value and the previous assessed value. They are prorated from the date of the change in ownership or completed construction for the remaining months in the fiscal year.

Two supplemental assessments are issued if the change in ownership or new construction is completed between January 1 and May 31.

  • The 1st supplemental assessment is for the fiscal year ending June 30.
  • The 2nd supplemental assessment is for the next fiscal year (July 1 thru June 30).

Supplemental tax bills are issued if the new assessed value is greater than the previous assessed value. A refund is issued if the new value is less. The enclosed property tax bill should be paid even if you anticipate a refund. Supplemental bills and refunds are issued in addition to the enclosed bill. The Assessor’s office provides property owners with the new, previous, and supplemental values. For questions regarding supplemental assessments, contact the Assessor’s office, at: 415-473-7215. Visit for more information.

Property Valuation:
Phone: 415-473-7215
Mail: PO Box C, Civic Center Branch, San Rafael, CA 94903
Office: 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 208, San Rafael, CA  94903