Airbnb Gross Earnings Report Instructions

Mina Martinovich, Department of Finance

To generate the Airbnb Gross Earnings Report, the client would need to log into their Airbnb Host Account, then:

  1. Across the top (center to right) of the page, they should see the word "host."
    1. Click on Host and select "hosting dashboard."
    2. Left click on the profile photo (top right corner) and select "transaction history."
  2. There are three tabs, "completed payouts, upcoming payouts and gross earnings."
  3. Click on the "gross earnings tab" until the green line shows.
  4. Select the dates you want to report, i.e "FROM October 2019 TO October 2019"
  5. Download to CSV:
    1. The report should open to a spreadsheet. If not, at the bottom left of the screen, there should be an up arrow with "Airbnb_tax_...", click it to open the report;
      OR the file is automatically saved in your downloads folder, so you can always locate it there.
    2. If you are using Numbers (for Mac), you will need to export to Excel. To export to Excel, click on File, then "export to" and select Excel, then save to your desktop.
    3. Print the report in landscape and scale to fit all to one page.
  6. If information in any of the columns is not visible (shows #####), then open the column by double clicking between columns A and B as well as Columns C and D or D and E.
    1. Save the report to your desktop for electronic filing, using .XLS, .PDF or .CSV file format.

*Please note, TOT should be reported when the stay occurs (check in date), not when the payment is received (payout date).

**To Report your Airbnb Gross Earnings, use the total for "Column O - Gross Earnings". Please do not report using "Column K - Amount".