Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator
Collage of photos displaying the Marin Civic Center, a woman being interviewed by a television reporter, a man taking photos, a written report, and a news release.

The Public Communications Division is responsible for increasing public awareness, community engagement and building trust with the public through the County’s communication efforts per the Public Communications Plan.  

The division is responsible for creating and disseminating information and news about the County government, responding to media inquiries and leading community engagement initiatives. The division helps coordinate departmental outreach efforts including the production of news releases and video public service announcements, maintaining content on the County home page, overseeing social media accounts, leading communication training sessions and ensuring consistent branding per the County Identity Style Guide. Occasionally the division produces special projects such as the “Your County At Work” publication, a widely distributed report that provided a better understanding of our public service and how Marin residents can participate in County government.

The County has received national accolades for its public outreach efforts from the City-County Communications and Marketing Association and is active in statewide and regional public information forums for government agencies. During times of crisis, the Public Communication division becomes an integral part of the Emergency Operations Center staff in disseminating urgent information that could potentially save lives.

For any questions or comments regarding communication from the County Administrator's Office or any other department, please contact Laine Hendricks, Public Information Officer, at (415) 473-7496.

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