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Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator

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Management and Budget

  • What has the County done to be fiscally responsible?
    • Adopted a lower-cost retiree health plan for new employees in 2008
    • Negotiated new, lower cost pension tiers 
    • From 2009 to 2013, made over $30 million in budget reductions and eliminated over 240 vacant positions (over 10% of our work force)
    • Adopted a long-term restructuring plan in January 2010 as a guide to help adapt to our new fiscal reality
    • Implemented PEPRA
  • How did the economic downturn of 2009 - 2013 impact the County?
    • A slowdown in property tax revenue
    • State budget reductions
    • Increased pension costs, resulting from market losses in pension holdings in 2009.
    • Greater demand for County "safety net" services at the same time that counties face further reductions in State funding

    As a result, we reduced our annual spending by over $30 million and reduced our workforce by 11% over the past 4 years. Looking ahead, we face a more structurally balanced budget than we have seen in some time. While we will need to continue our efforts to innovate, address any further reduction of State or Federal funding, and identify new ways to meet emerging community needs, we look forward to working with the Board, employees and the public to ensure continued partnership in efforts to meet our challenges while maintaining a sustainable and balanced operating budget.

  • Where do my property taxes go?

    Please visit the property tax information page on the County's Department of Finance website.

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Risk Management

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