Risk Management

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator

The Risk Management Division of the County Administrator’s Office is committed to preserve and protect the human, fiscal, material, property and environmental assets of the County. Risk Management directs and manages the Insurance Portfolio, Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Program, Safety and Loss control, Ergonomics Program, contract review and other matters linked to the County’s diverse risk exposures.


Workers' Compensation

The County is permissibly self-insured for workers’ compensation and our claims administered externally by a licensed Third Party Administrator.

Risk Management oversees our self-insured Workers’ Compensation Program, audits our TPA and provides employee assistance whenever needed regarding an existing workers’ compensation claim and other related matters.   We have created and manage a Transitional Return to Work Program offering modified duty, to assist employees while recovering from an occupational injury or illness.


Risk Management staff provide a comprehensive program to minimize exposure to injury associated with repetitive motion and other work-related activities.

The County of Marin is committed to the health, wellness and safety of our employees through proactive identification of workplace hazards, risk factors and mitigations that reduce injuries arising from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. The Risk Management Division, through the Risk Manager, is designated as the Ergonomics Management Program Administrator and has overall responsibility and authority to implement and maintain the Ergonomics Management Program. Risk Management developed and maintains the online Ergonomic Learning Guides: Working Well and Living Well.

Safety/Loss Control

The Risk Management Safety Officer provides on-site safety training, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory compliance; safety and security complaint investigation and  response;  and air quality testing.

Safety and Loss Control are two parts of how we keep business running and employees protected from accidents, injuries or illness.  As governed by Administrative Regulation No.20:  Injury and Illness Prevention Program, we develop, coordinate, implement and train on a wide variety of safety related regulatory programs; from how to lift safely to the Cal OSHA Aerosol Transmittable Disease Standard.

Insurance and Contracts

The Risk Management Division, through the Risk Manager, manages the County Insurance Portfolio and the County contract process.

Professional Services Contracts:  Risk Management provides employees an online guide with forms and instructions to complete and submit a professional services contract that meets all County policies, as well as, State and Federal regulations. 

Insurance Portfolio:  Annually, the Risk Manager secures a broad range of insurance coverages with a combination of self-insurance and insured policies designed to protect the assets of the County.

Living Well in Marin

Follow this colorful graphic presentation and discover all the ways we use ergonomics in our daily life outside work; everything from household chores to sports, in order to live life to the fullest and safely.

Working Well In Marin

Follow the colorful graphics in this Learning Guide to discover a better and safer way to perform tasks on the job. 

TO BEGIN:   We recommend you first view Understanding Ergo Risks in Chapter 1 and we hope you will take time to learn all you can from this Guide. Good luck, get comfy and work well!