What We Do

Jason Weber, Chief, Fire Department

Marin County Fire Department (MCFD)

In partnership with our community, we will: Be prepared, Respond quickly, Solve problems, Be nice, Get home safely.

Administration Division

The administrative section oversees a comprehensive set of administrative duties including personnel processes, budget management, accounts payable and receivable, management of tax-based revenue, contract management, complying to subpoena requests and administrative duties related to management of the department’s Seasonal Firefighter program.

Operations Division

For any fire department, it is in the arena of Operations that the “rubber meets the road”. The Marin County Fire Department operationally serves the public in many fashions ranging from traditional Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services to Special Operations and the Tamalpais Fire Crew…and everything in between. Being prepared for anything that the public may ask of us is so important to the Marin County Fire Department that “Operational Readiness” is one of our core values.

Fire Prevention and Investigation Division

The Marin County Fire Department Prevention Bureau, supervised by the Fire Marshal, is charged with minimizing or preventing damage to life and assets as a result of fire. In order to accomplish this mission, the Fire Prevention Bureau develops amendments to the model fire codes and fire prevention standards, as well as enforcing the fire safety and law enforcement sections of the fire code and Public Resources Code (PRC).

Emergency Medical Services Division

We offer our residents paramedics trained in cutting edge life saving technologies kept current by ongoing training.  Our fleet of vehicles, including all fire engines is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment enabling all fire personnel to assist in medical emergency calls.