Safe Haven Location

Jason Weber, Chief, Fire Department

Marin County Fire Stations are “Drop Off” sites/Safe Havens for “safely surrendered babies” in compliance with the Safely Surrendered Babies Law, and are available as temporary places of safety for people who are actual or perceived victims of threats, crime, abuse, neglect, or violence. It is the Marin County Fire Department’s intent to provide a temporary safe refuge to any child or adult victim.

The Safely Surrendered Babies Law allows a custodial parent to safely surrender an infant at a designated safe haven, without fear of prosecution for abandonment. The intent of this law is to encourage parents who would otherwise abandon their babies in unsafe environments (e.g., trash bins, empty fields, shopping malls, etc.) to relinquish their newborn in a safe manner. 

For more information about the Safely Surrendered Babies Law and surrender locations, please visit the State of California Safely Surrendered Baby website or the Marin County Health and Human Services website.