• Two firefighters in front of an engine

    Recruitment: Firefighter and Firefighter Paramedic Marin County Fire Department has opportunities for Firefighter, Firefighter Paramedic and Firefighter-Paramedic (Lateral) positions. Please visit the Recruitment Announcements page for more information.

  • Wildfire Evacuation Zones

    Wildfire Evacuation Zone Maps The Marin County Fire Department has posted the county’s Mutual Threat Zone and Evacuation Route Maps.

  • Evacuation Checklist

    Evacuation Checklist If evacuation is anticipated and time allows, follow this checklist to give your family and home the best chance of survival.

  • Defensible Space

    Defensible Space 100 feet defensible space – it is the law! Protect your home from wildfire! It's important to create defensible space around your home now. Our Defensible Space flyer provides important 'how-to' create defensible space to help firefighters help you in the event of a wildfire.

  • St. Vincents Fire

    Coordinated Fire Attack The Tam Fire Crew and a Marin County Fire Department Type III engine working side by side at a vegetation fire.

  • Loma Fire

    Loma Fire A firefighter holding the fireline at night.

  • Multi-Agency Water Rescue Training in San Francisco Bay

    Multi-agency Water Rescue Training The Public Safety agencies in Marin County have adopted the Coastal Incident Response Plan due to a dramatic increase in calls for service in the waters surrounding and in Marin County. Here are members from multiple-agencies training on Rescue Watercraft to ensure a seamless and safe response.

  • Readiness is Our Business

    Readiness is Our Business One of the most important responsibilities of Marin County Fire Department is to be prepared for a response of any type at any time. Readiness is the business of the 147 men and women members of MCFD. For more information, please view our readiness video.

  • Photo of the San Francisco Bay from Mt. Tamalpais - Lookout images available now

    Fire Detection Cameras Our Fire Detection Camera network is scanning the county 24/7 for the threat of new fires.  We also provide near live time images for the public from these cameras.  For more information, please visit the webpage dedicated to our cameras.

  • Fighting a wildfire in trees

    In the Thick of It It's no easy task fighting a fast-moving wildfire on a hot day. Smoke, ash and heat are intense as you can see in this photo from the Humboldt Fire.

  • EMS rescue of an injured hiker

    Emergency Medical Services Our paramedics are a highly trained fast response team who are equipped with the latest technology and often are the first responders to a medical emergency.

  • Tamalpais Fire Crew

    Tamalpais Fire Crew Marin County Fire Department’s Tamalpais Fire Crew is dedicated to wildland fire response and vegetation management throughout the County of Marin.

  • Flood Rescue

    Flooding Flooding can be catastrophic, forcing people from their homes and cutting off access to supplies and emergency services.  We're there to help.

  • Fire Academy Training

    Training But the larger part of our jobs is fighting/preventing fires.  Ongoing training is an important part of keeping fire and emergency personnel prepared in the event of a fire.

  • Mutual Aid situation E1565 at the Sand Fire in El Dorado County

    Sand Fire, El Dorado County Another Mutual Aid Situation; E1565 defending a structure with support from Tanker 911 on the Sand Fire in El Dorado County.