What We Do

Shelly Scott, Assessor - Recorder - County Clerk


What the Marin County Assessor Does:

  • Establishes and maintains a set of approximately 3500 Assessor parcel maps for assessment purposes, delineating every parcel of land in Marin County.
  • Locates and maps all taxable property (over 96,000 parcels) in Marin County.
  • Values all taxable real and personal property in Marin County in accordance with Article XIII and XIIIA of the California Constitution.
  • Determines the assessment status of property when it changes ownership.
  • Determines the assessment status of property that undergoes new construction.
  • Determines and applies all legal exemptions and exclusions.
  • Produces and delivers the local secured and unsecured assessment rolls by July 1 of each year.
  • Provides a public information service to assist taxpayers with questions about property ownership and assessment.

What the Assessor Does Not Do:

  • The Assessor does not establish property tax laws.
  • The Assessor does not establish tax rates.
  • The Assessor does not issue tax bills.
  • The Assessor does not collect or refund taxes.
  • The Assessor does not determine special assessment or maintenance district fees.
  • The Assessor does not provide land surveyor services.


  • Maintains a permanent public record of documents related to the ownership and encumbrance of real property located in Marin County.
  • Accepts for recording any document affecting title to real property located in Marin County that is authorized or required by law to be recorded provided that it meets recording requirements established by California State Codes.
  • Computes and collects all applicable Recording Fees and Documentary Transfer Tax.
  • Creates and maintains a permanent Grantor/Grantee index of recorded documents (Official Records) in order to provide constructive notice of recording.
  • Maintains a permanent archive of images of Official Records and issues plain or certified copies of Official Records.
  • The Marin County Recorder is the local registrar of public marriage licenses issued in Marin County.
  • Provides certified copies of Birth and Death Certificates for events occurring in Marin County and of Marriage Certificates for licenses issued in Marin County.

What the Recorder Does Not Do:

  • The Recorder does not provide forms for recording.
  • The Recorder does not prepare or assist in preparation of documents.
  • The Recorder does not do any research regarding property records.
  • The Recorder does not do title searches or create title reports.
  • The Recorder does not have Divorce Records or Criminal Records.

County Clerk

  • Files fictitious business name statements.
  • File statements of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name.
  • File withdrawal of partner/partners operating under a Fictitious Business Name.
  • Issues public marriage licenses.
  • Issues confidential marriage licenses.
  • Performs civil marriage ceremonies (by appointment only).
  • Appoints individuals as Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages.
  • Provides certified copies of confidential (only) marriage licenses (with proper identification).
  • Registers notary public oaths and accepts bonds for recording.
  • Authenticates notary public signatures.
  • Certifies Foreign Translation Documents.
  • Registers process servers, unlawful detainer assistants, professional photocopiers, and legal document assistants.
  • Receives admitted surety insurer statements.
  • Files surety insurer powers of attorney.
  • Maintains Registry of Public Agencies.
  • Files and posts California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents.

What the County Clerk Does Not Do:

  • Record documents
  • Process court papers (restraining orders, divorces, traffic etc)
  • Maintain property records or collect taxes
  • Process Business Licenses
  • Provide copies of Birth, death or Public Marriage certificates
  • Register voters
  • Process Passports