Shelly Scott, Assessor - Recorder - County Clerk

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Recorder Fees — Effective January 01, 2022

Copies (Government Code 27366) Fee
Copies - First Page (Government Code 27366) $4.00
Each Additional Page $2.00
Maps: Subdivision, Parcel, Survey, Assessment Diagrams (18" x 26") each page $5.00
Certification of above (complete documents only) $4.00
Courtesy Copy /Acknowledgment of Recording (requested at the time of recording) *Requestor must provide document copy. Self-addressed, stamped envelope required for return by mail. No Fee*
Filing of Maps (Government Code 27372) Fee
First page $84.00
Each additional page $2.00
Recording Fee
Complete 2022 Fee Schedule
Basic Recording Fee (Note: Additional mandatory fees apply to most documents): First page (8 1/2" x 11") - Per Document Title [GC 27361, 27397] $14.00
UCC Amendment, Assignment, Continuation, Statement, or Termination (Additional Mandatory Fees* may apply) - Standard national form [GC 12194, 57388.1, MC Resolution 2014-58, 2017-102] 1-2 Pages (flat fee) $14.00 -- 3 or more pages (flat fee) $24.00
Release of State or Local Government Lien (if original lien was recorded without fee) [GC 27361, Marin County Resolution 2014-58, 2017-102] $20.00
Recording Pursuant Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act [CCP 2100, GC 27361, MC Resolution 2014-58, 2017-102] 24.00
Additional mandatory fee: SB2-Building Homes & Jobs Act (GC 27388.1) - Per Document Title - Limited exemptions apply - see complete fee schedule for document titles/exemptions $75.00
Additional mandatory fee: District Attorney Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Trust (GC 27388, MC Res 2017-102) Per Document Title - see complete fee schedule for document titles/exemptions $10.00
Each additional page (8 1/2" x 11") $3.00
Penalty fee for non-standard page (other than 8 ½ x 11") applies to all pages of document $3.00
Penalty Fee for small print (more than 9 lines per vertical inch or more than 22 characters and spaces per inch measured horizontally) $1.00
Optional fee for Involuntary Lien Notification (per debtor) $11.00
Fee for not filing a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report at time of transfer (R&T 480.3, 480.4) $20.00
Documentary Transfer Tax:    County Transfer Tax (all areas) - based on full value less assumed liens $0.55 per $500 (or portion thereof)
City of San Rafael Tax in addition to County tax - based on full value $2.00 per $1,000 (or portion thereof)
Survey Monument Preservation Fee (Applies to transfer documents only) $10.00
Fee for filing a California Preliminary 20 Day Notice $50.00
Vital Records Fee
Please note: Searches for vital records are performed at the listed fees and include a copy of the record, if located in Marin County records, or a certificate of no record found.
Birth $29.00
Death $24.00
Marriage $17.00