Medicinal Cannabis Program

Regulation of Medicinal Cannabis Commercial Activities

Program Manager
Inge Lundegaard


With the Medicinal Cannabis Delivery-Only Retailer (MCDORe) licensing ordinance as its guideline, the Marin County Board of Supervisors on July 23 authorized a license to EXPRESS2YOU at 76 San Pablo Avenue, just across an intersection from the Marin County Civic Center in the Santa Venetia neighborhood. The Board also authorized Community Development Agency (CDA) staff to conduct a lottery for a second license, and on July 24 it was awarded to Buttercup & Spring to open at 7 Mt. Lassen Drive in Lucas Valley.

Prior to opening for business, the two authorized applicants must submit a $7,000 fee for the MCDORe annual operating license to cover the costs of inspection and monitoring for compliance with the County and State of California cannabis regulations. In addition, the businesses need to complete tenant improvements and incorporate conditions of approval prior to being issued the annual operating license.

The two applicants not selected in the lottery may submit new site review applications for different locations within six months. New location proposals will undergo County staff review under the same procedures outlined in the MCDORe ordinance.

Application submittal documents can be reviewed under the “Applications Under Review” link below.