Marin Humane and Animal Services JPA


In 1979, Marin’s 11 cities and towns and the county entered into a joint powers agreement (JPA) to offer coordinated animal services to Marin residents. The JPA built upon an existing relationship with Marin Humane, which provides valuable animal services for the entire county. Marin Humane is based in the Bel Marin Keys area of southern Novato.


JPA members adopt a standard* animal control ordinance that allows Marin Humane Animal Services Officers to provide uniform enforcement of animal control laws throughout the county. The county contracts with the Marin Humane for animal services, and these services are funded by JPA members as well as revenues and fees related to animal services and programs. Members share the costs of services based on a formula that accounts for population and service calls.

*JPA members’ municipal codes may include additional, local provisions which meet their unique needs, and they may exclude inapplicable provisions of the standard animal control ordinance.


Some of the animal services provided by the Marin Humane include:

  • Licensing and pet identification
  • Pick up and transportation of stray animals
  • Rescue of animals in distress
  • Follow-up on resident complaints
  • Response to calls involving sick, injured, dead or rabies-suspect wildlife
  • Response to animal emergencies 24 hours a day

For more information, call 415-883-4621 or visit Marin Humane Animal Services.

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