• Pastel artwork by Debbie Patrick.  Two chicks huddled together, a cat putting it's paw under a faucet running water.

    Debbie Patrick Pastels

  • Pastel artwork by Carol Allen.  Blueberries on a stem, a bunch of asparagus.

    Carol Allen Pastels

  • Pastel artwork by Donna Solin.  A landscape of two barns with a black cow, a Native American man's face with headdress.

    Donna Solin Pastels

  • Pastel artwork by Wendy Goldberg.  One image of a large gray and white cloud with tree in front, one image of a hazy water front with boat and trees in the background.

    Wendy Goldberg Pastels

  • Pastel artwork by Sandy White.  Two landscapes - one of a cliffside by the ocean, one of trees on a hill in a forest.

    Sandy White Pastels