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July 18, 2023

Marin Probation Saluted for Building Safer Communities

Probation Services Week, July 16-22, highlights impact of Probation Professionals

Marin County, CA – Probation professionals are a crucial part of maintaining community safety and supporting justice-involved individuals undergoing rehabilitation. Breaking the outdated the law-enforcement stereotype, probation officers play a vital role as mentors and coaches in helping people achieve positive change for their lives.

Group photo of some Marin County Probation Department staffMarin County Probation is made up of 115 staff members who are dedicated to a process of continual improvement of services in partnership with the communities they serve.
The Marin County Probation Department prides itself on offering a balance between public safety, offender accountability, rehabilitative services and restorative practices. Its staff help provide an array of mandated and optional services justice-involved individuals, courts, victims of crimes, and the diverse communities of Marin. Probation staff are equipped with extensive education and specialized training, possess the expertise to skillfully manage the complex needs of justice-involved individuals while upholding the utmost commitment to community well-being.

In salute of this work, the Marin County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution on July 18, proclaiming July 16-22 as Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision week in Marin, or “Probation Services Week” for short. The occasion aims to honor the invaluable contributions of the 114 probation professionals who work diligently to maintain community safety and help supervise close to 1,500 individuals in Marin County.

Marin’s resolution complements the State of California’s recent House Resolution 45, co-sponsored by Assemblymember Damon Connolly (D-San Rafael) and more than 70 other assemblymembers.

During Probation Services Week, Chief Probation Officer Marlon Washington is focused on recruitment and the profound impact that individuals can make by working in probation.

“As a probation officer, you are a difference maker,” said Washington. “Probation officers are committed individuals capable of having a significant impact with just a few words -- people who inspire and motivate others to progress and bring about change. We invite anyone looking to become part of a transformative process to consider becoming a probation officer.”

Probation offers a transformative alternative to incarceration, empowering individuals to make positive changes and embark on a journey toward a brighter future. By connecting comprehensive services and addressing the unique needs of justice-involved individuals, probation plays a vital role in fostering community safety and restoring people to help achieve long-term public safety.

For more information about opportunities to join the Marin County Probation Department, visit the County of Marin’s Job Opportunities webpage online, or learn more about probation officer roles, testimonials and other career opportunities at


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