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March 13, 2023

Recruitment Opens for County Vocational Internships

Career Explorers program designed to assist those aged 15-22

San Rafael, CA – Recruitment has just opened for the Marin County Career Explorer Program, a popular vocational skills internship opportunity for those between the ages of 15 and 22 funded by the Marin County Probation Department

Young people curious about public service careers get a chance to work with County of Marin departments and earn a few bucks while gaining exclusive experience. The program runs from June 12 through August 4. Participants are paid $17.50 per hour during their internship. Applications are available online in English and Spanish and may be turned in through May 31.

A young woman from the Career Explorers program sits and smiles and holds a bouquet of flowers.Manpreet Kaur of Marin City interned with the Public Defender's Office last summer and was recipient of the Dan Daniels Spirit of Service Award.

Manpreet Kaur of Marin City, a 2022 participant, spent time learning about the Marin County Public Defender’s Office from mentor attorney La Dell Dangerfield. She subsequently connected with he Marin Teen Girl Conference, the Marin 9 to 25 Initiative, and an internship with the nonprofit Bloom Marin. Kaur was the recipient of the 2022 Dan Daniels Spirit of Service Award, which goes to an intern who demonstrates a passion for serving clients, coworkers, and community partners.

“The Career Explorer Program wasn't just an internship for me,” Kaur said. “It was a gateway to opportunities. I met so many incredible people and had a great time. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”   

The Career Explorer program provides opportunities to local youth who are exposed to circumstances that traditionally present barriers to employment. Those may include personal experiences with the juvenile justice system, family members with experience in either the juvenile or adult justice systems or live in neighborhoods impacted by crime or other socioeconomic issues.  

Career Explorers, now in its eighth year, was borne from a long-range business plan that included focus areas of “diversity and inclusion” and “growth and development.” The program also includes a comprehensive soft skills training course and a guest speaker series that features County employees, community partners, and leaders from the business community sharing stories designed to motivate future members of the workforce.  

Chief Probation Officer Marlon Washington saw first-hand how important the internships can be last summer as the program organizers presented purely online experiences during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I am proud to continue the Probation Department’s innovative program, which is the best way for youth to find a career they love through exploration,” Washington said. “Showing them the many options available can help spark interest and find their passion.”

Luis Luciano, a Probation Senior Program Coordinator, said he was grateful to return to the in-person experience as the pandemic eased. Career Explorers programming now features a daily online guest speaker and one in-person guest speaker per week, allowing youths connect with more County employees and community leaders.

“There were lessons learned during the pandemic that have served us well,” he said. “As much as youth are into technology, they really were needing the connection and sense of community that the in-person internship experience creates. We were able to provide them with practice interviews and also have them partake in a public speaking workshop, something that is a bit more difficult to replicate in the online environment. These trainings give young people the skills and confidence they need to become our next leaders.”

The Career Explorer Program creates a diverse, skilled, and local candidate pool for employment opportunities in a manner that promotes growth and development. The Probation Department collaborates with the County’s Department of Human Resources and other County departments to offer the program. Probation uses funds from a state grant to cover the costs of stipends, work uniforms, food, transportation, and supervision for the interns. Departments that employ the interns also contribute to the cost of the program.

Email Luciano or call (415) 473-6676 to learn more about the program or to obtain a printed application.  


Luis Luciano
Senior Employment Program Coordinator
Probation Department

4 Jeannette Prandi Way
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 473-6676
Email: Luis Luciano
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