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September 18, 2023

Enhanced Digital Literacy and Wellness on the Way for Seniors

County of Marin channeling $300,000 in grants to support older adults

Marin County, CA – Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (Marin BHRS) is taking a significant step toward enhancing mental wellness among older adults.

As an active participant in the Help@Hand Innovation Project, a collaboration spanning 15 city/county partnerships, Marin BHRS is strategically channeling resources to support older adults through technology-driven solutions. This innovative approach seeks to address mental wellness needs by teaching older adults digital literacy skills, while fostering connections and combating social isolation.

Marin BHRS is working with older adults through a peer counselor and by providing subgrants to community organizations. The peer counselor works alongside older adults from Marin City Community Development Corporation and the Empowerment Clubhouse. They are helping these older adults learn how to use technology for things like accessing electronic health records, using videoconferencing, finding county resources, using mental health apps, and taking online classes.

The following organizations have been selected as grant recipients, each dedicated to advancing digital literacy and wellness among our older adult community:

  • Marin City Community Development Corporation: $47,000 grant to expand computer lab resources for older adults
  • Marin County Cooperation Team: $35,000 grant to provide dedicated one-on-one tech mentors, monthly workshops, online access to mental health resources and digital tools/training to increase digital literacy
  • Sausalito and Marin Villages: $47,000 grant to provide digital literacy training through in person and remote workshops and individualized tutoring at multiple locations
  • Technology 4 Life: $43,000 grant to create instructional smartphone videos in English and Spanish
  • Mount Tamalpais College: $40,000 grant to provide computer literacy training workshops and modules
  • Vivalon: $40,000 grant to provide one-on-one tech tutoring in English and Spanish
  • YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley: $49,000 grant to provide a series of digital literacy workshops for older adults

These organizations will collaborate closely with their respective communities to help older adults become better at using technology through a variety of ways. Workshops, individual sessions, informative videos, and digital literacy websites will collectively serve to empower older adults with essential technological skills. These learning opportunities will be offered both in-person and online, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all. The overarching goal of this initiative is to bolster mental wellness by raising awareness about digital resources, developing tools to counter isolation, and fostering robust community partnerships. 

"We, along with CalMHSA, are thrilled to spearhead transformative change through our Help@Hand innovation grant, directly addressing the digital literacy needs of older adults throughout our community," said Camille Stone, Help@Hand Program Coordinator with Marin BHRS. "As the initiative unfolds, we are striving to make a lasting difference in the lives of our older adults. Through harnessing the potential of technology, we aim to cultivate connections and elevate mental wellness."

Learn more about the Help@Hand grant program online.


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