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For Immediate Release
July 25, 2019

Two Arrests in Unannounced Probation Operation

Majority of clients searched found in compliance with terms of probation

San Rafael, CA – Due to an increase in gang related violence and activity, the Marin County Probation Department conducted a multi-agency operation on July 23 that targeted 29 clients serving a portion of their prison sentence in the community under mandatory, community-based supervision.

Three Probation Officers walk alongside a house as part of a compliance check on July 23, 2019.Multiple agencies contributed to the compliance checks which resulted in two arrests.

The operation, led by the Department’s Coordination of Probation Enforcement (COPE) team, was conducted with the assistance of Marin County Sheriff’s Office, San Rafael Police Department, and the California Department of Rehabilitation. The unannounced probation searches occurred within the City of San Rafael and surrounding areas within unincorporated Marin.

Most of the AB109 clients contacted were found to be in compliance with their terms and conditions of supervision. Out of 29 contacts made, only four were found out of compliance due to the possession of gang, drug or alcohol paraphernalia. As a result of the violations, graduated sanctions were utilized, and one Marin City probationer was arrested for failing to report and maintain contact with a probation officer. Another individual was arrested in San Rafael for having an outstanding warrant for domestic violence. 

This was one of several operations where both Juvenile and Adult Probation Officers work together with local law enforcement to conduct routine unannounced visits. This type of operation serves to promote public safety and verify compliance of Court ordered terms and conditions.

“We are focused on holding offenders accountable to reduce the risk of future victims and criminal behavior,” said COPE Detective Anthony Nunez, who led the joint operation. “With those goals in mind, we are in the community at all hours with a heavy emphasis on public safety and the rehabilitation of our clients.  The Probation Department truly appreciates the extra support from our local law enforcement agencies.”

The Probation Department is committed to focusing resources on both community safety and the rehabilitation of those who enter the criminal justice system. Addiction issues are prevalent in Marin and are often at the root of people running afoul of the law. The county has one of the highest rates of excessive drinking and binge drinking among all California counties, according to the most recent county health rankings. Early intervention by family and friends is encouraged when needed. The County offers resources on the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services website.


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