Sustainable Agriculture

Stefan P. Parnay, Agriculture, Weights and Measures - Marin County
Useful information about the Marin Organic Certified Organic Agriculture program that serves the local agricultural community who are promoting sustainable farming practices.
General information on local Farmers’ Markets, locations and times.
Drought conditions are projected to persist through 2021. This page is dedicated to providing the agricultural community and residents of Marin County information and resources regarding drought conditions.
The Department of Agriculture inspects nursery stock to assure plants are commercially clean with regards to pests, have accurate labeling when required, and have healthy and vigorous plants for sale to the consumer.
Useful links and information on the Biological Control Program in the County of Marin.
IPM combines biological, cultural, mechanical, physical and/or chemical tools and other management practices to control pests in a safe, cost effective and environmentally sound manner that contributes to the protection of public health.