Climate Resilient Communities

Community Development Agency

Why climate resilient communities?

Community brings us together and can provide support in good and bad times. Some communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Challenges include increased flooding during storm events, higher temperatures, and poor air quality.

When we strengthen our connections with each other, we can identify ways to become resilient to climate change together.

Resilience can mean different things to different communities:

  • Community gathering spaces
  • Harnessing the sun for energy
  • Storing that energy in a battery that can be used when the power goes out
  • Community gardens
  • and more...

What can you do?

A climate resilient community starts with the choices we make for ourselves and our own homes. Begin by finding out your carbon footprint. Understanding your own climate impact will allow you to plan for the needs of your home and your community. Learn about steps you can take to prepare for an emergency at Ready Marin, PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff Support, and the Marin Public Emergency Portal.

Fire-proof your home

Climate change is leading to rising temperatures in California. This means greater risk of wildfires. Wildfires are a significant threat to our homes, public safety, and our air quality.

Fire-proof your home by creating defensible space. This is the buffer between your home and the natural environment around it. Remove flammable outdoor furniture, clear fallen leaves, and remove tree limbs from near your home.

Learn more about creating a safer home at Fire Safe Marin and the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority. You may qualify for financial aid to reduce fire risk at your home.

Get to know your neighbors

Building relationships with your neighbors is powerful. You'll be able to help each other in times of need.

Join or start a Neighborhood Response group in your City or Town with Ready Marin. Stay up-to-date on what's happening in your community.

Start a Resilient Neighborhoods team

Our small, everyday actions impact our community and climate. Join a team of climate learners in a collaborative workshop series to learn how you can reduce your carbon emissions.

MarinCAN endorsed solutions at work

Resilient Neighborhoods

Resilient Neighborhoods empowers people to take climate action by:

  • creating low-impact households
  • adopting sustainable lifestyle practices
  • strengthening communities
  • preparing for emergencies

Through its free workshop series, over 2,000 Marin residents have reduced nearly 12 million pounds of carbon pollution.

Learn more about their work and how to join a Resilient Neighborhoods team.

Fairfax Pavilion Microgrids Project

The successful implementation of this project will help inform the creation of similar projects at future community resilience hubs in the Canal District and Marin City communities. See Community Resilience Hubs (City of San Rafael). Read more about the development of the Fairfax Microgrids Project in our feature newsletter.

Community Resilience Hubs (City of San Rafael)

Community resilience hubs serve many people and communities. This upcoming project proposes the development of resilience hubs in the City of San Rafael. The proposed locations would directly serve and empower one of the County's largest immigrant populations, low-income communities, and non-English speakers. Traditionally, these communities face challenges in accessing the resources they need during emergency events.

Continue to follow MarinCAN's space for updates on this project.