Low Carbon Transportation

Community Development Agency

Why Transportation?

Transportation generates over 50% of total County greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions cause climate change and make our local air dirtier, contributing to asthma and other health conditions. Some people take public transit out of necessity and more folks should consider this option. Taking a bus, walking, biking, or carpooling can clean the air, reduce traffic congestion, and might even save individuals money. If you must drive, try to make fewer trips if you can or consider a non-gasoline vehicle if you can afford it and you have access to charging stations.

What Can You Do?

Support, Use, and Advocate for Public Transit

When you support, use, and advocate for investment in transit infrastructure (buses, e-bikes, bus and train station improvements, etc.), you help clean the air and reduce traffic congestion.

Consider taking the SMART train (Marin/Sonoma only), riding the ferry, or taking the bus.

Check out Marin Transit discounted fares and passes and learn more about Clipper Card and SMART train e-ticket reduced fares for seniors, youth, low-income, and passengers with disabilities, including a Youth, Senior, and Passengers with Disabilities Clipper Card Discount, Low-income Clipper Card Discount, and discounts through the SMART Mobile Ticketing App.

Consider Buying or Leasing an Electric Vehicle if You’re Able

There are many electric vehicle options at several price points. There are also incentives and rebates available to reduce the cost for individuals at multiple income levels. Explore the cost (and rebates) and type of EVs by visiting Drive Clean Bay Area, the EV Savings Calculator, or Bay Area Sun Shares (EV and solar system discounts). Learn if you qualify for solar, battery storage, and a discounted EV at GRID Alternatives - Clean Mobility for All.

Bike Marin

Take advantage of the County’s bike-friendly areas, trails, and lanes. Consider advocating for continued funding for Safe Routes to Schools and expanded bike paths throughout Marin County.

Be on the lookout! In September 2021, Marin and Sonoma Counties will begin an electric bike share pilot program with Gotcha Mobility (Gotcha). For more information, visit Transportation Authority of Marin’s website.

What is the County Doing?

Safe Routes to Schools

Demonstrates the benefits of providing safe infrastructure and support for students walking and biking to school. Safe Routes to Schools includes education and outreach to students and parents, funds for crossing guards, and the development of safe pathways near schools.

Electric vehicle charging stations

In September 2018, the County installed 31 public charging stations at the Civic Center for a total of 45 stations. The publicly available chargers are located at six locations including the Civic Center, Marin Center Exhibition Hall, Health and Wellness Center, 20 North San Pedro Road campus, West Marin Service Center, and 1600 Los Gamos Drive campus. The County also plans to install 10 additional fleet charging stations for a total of 18 stations. The County has 8 fully electric and plug-in electric vehicles.


By using Connect2Transit, transit riders can access discounts on shared rides to and from major transit stations in Marin County, request on-demand microtransit service available within the Uber app, and access real-time public transit departure information. Connect2Transit is an integrated program of mobility options within the Uber app brought to Marin in partnership with the Transportation Authority of Marin. The program is designed to help riders make that last mile connection between transit stops and their place of work.