Loma Alta Preserve

All visitors must respect rules to keep the preserves safe and sustainable.


  • No smoking or fires.
  • Weapons and hunting prohibited.
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited. (Individuals with qualified disabilities may operate certain kinds of zero-emission mobility devices on some roads,multiuse trails, and certain other facilities.)
  • Everyone must yield the right-of-way to horses. Bikes must also yield to pedestrians.
  • No model airplanes, drones, or other self-propelled crafts.
  • Permit required for commercial use and groups of more than 15 people.
  • All resources are protected. Do not follow, approach, or feed wildlife.


  • Dogs may be off-leash on fire roads only if kept under voice control. Leash must always be readily available.
  • Dogs are allowed on signed trails and must be leashed. Leash must not exceed 6 feet in length.
  • Off-fire road and off-trail use prohibited.
  • Individuals accompanying dogs are required to clean up and remove pet waste.
  • Dispose of waste property. Pack it out.
  • A maximum of 3 dogs per person is permitted with exception granted through commercial use permit.


  • Permitted on signed fire roads and trails designated for multiuse and hikers/bikes.
  • Off-fire road and off-trail use prohibited.
  • Speed limit is 15 mph or less. Must slow to 5 mph when passing others or around blind turns.
  • Electric bicycles are not permitted.


  • Permitted on signed fire roads and trails designated for multiuse and hikers/horses.
  • Off-fire road and off-trail use prohibited except when watering or resting the horse.

In an emergency, call 911. To report an incident or suspicious activity, call the Ranger Field Office at (415) 473-2816 or submit an Incident Report via online form.

Visitors are responsible for knowing and obeying all Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) regulations. Citations will be issued for violations. Read the official regulations: Marin County Municipal Code Appendix A.

Call (415) 473-6387 for more information regarding allowable types and use of mobility devices for people with qualified disabilities.

The MCOSD is a special district pursuant to the California Public Resources Code. Marin County Parks oversees the management of the county parks system and provides public information on behalf of the MCOSD.