Measure A

Measure A protects the parks, open spaces, and agricultural lands that make Marin an extraordinary place to live, work, and play.

Measure A Allocations

In June 2022, County voters approved re-implementation of Parks Measure A. For the next nine years, this quarter-cent sales tax will support parks and open space, sustainable agriculture, and recreation in cities and towns. Measure A funds can't be used for any other purpose. Read Marin County Ordinance 3760.


scenic aerial view of  Marin open space
  • Maintain County parks and preserves for preservation and recreation (65%)
  • Reduce wildfire risk (25%)
  • Award grants to help support acquisition of lands with high natural resource value (10%)


row crop at a farm
  • Support conservation easements to permanently protect working farms and ranches (50%)
  • Award competitive matching grants to support sustainable food systems in Marin communities (30%)
  • Provide matching grants to support Marin Resource Conservation District programs (20%)


kid at playground
  • Award grants that support parks, open space, and recreation facilities in Marin cities, towns, and special districts (100%)

Measure A Oversight

Seven members of the Measure A Oversight Committee monitor Measure A expenditures, oversee an annual financial audit, and approve an annual report. Regular public meetings of this committee are held on the second Thursday in February and November.

Proposed project expenditures are also routinely brought before the Parks and Open Space Commission and the Open Space District Board. An annual budget is reviewed by the Parks and Open Space Commission and approved by the Marin County Board of Supervisors. The Measure A Annual Report for FY 2022–23 is now available.

Annual Reports and Compliance Audits

FY 2022-23

FY 2021-22

FY 2020-21

FY 2019-20

FY 2018-19

FY 2017-18

FY 2016-17

FY 2015-16

FY 2014-15

FY 2013-14

Measure A Grants

Six grant programs benefit from Measure A funding, supporting the shared mission of preserving, protecting, and enriching the natural beauty of Marin's parks and open spaces, and providing recreational opportunities for the enjoyment of all generations. 

  • Breathe/Respira Community Grants: Awarded annually, these competitive grants provide funding to non-profit organizations that help connect underserved members of the community with parks and open space. Learn more about how to apply.
  • Food, Agriculture, and Resilient Ecosystem (FARE) Grants: Beginning in 2023, these competitive grants will be awarded to qualified non-profit organizations that support sustainable food systems, climate beneficial land management, and improving natural resource values on Marin's working lands. Learn more about FARE grants.
  • Farmland Preservation Program Grants: These matching grants help purchase permanent conservation easements of properties in productive agriculture use. Since 2014, 6,693 acres have been protected. Learn more about Farmland Preservation Grants
  • Land Preservation and Park Access Grants: These grants are awarded to qualifying non-profit organizations, to leverage other funding that supports the acquisition of property and conservation easements, improves equitable access to parks, and permanently protects property with high natural resource value. Learn more about Land Preservation and Park Access Grants.
  • Marin Resource Conservation District Matching Grants: Awarded to support RCD programs that increase biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, and create wildlife habitat on Marin lands. Learn more about Marin RCD.
  • Cities, Towns, and Special Districts Grants: Awarded to Marin cities, towns, and special districts to support parks, open space, recreation, and vegetation management, per a grant allocation process approved by the Marin County Board of Supervisors.