Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

County of Marin is a leader in ecologically sound Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Marin County Parks oversees landscape and structural IPM at 148 county sites with minimal use of pesticides, protecting people and the environment.

2021 IPM Annual Report

In February, the Marin County Board of Supervisors accepted the IPM annual report. The following achievements are highlighted for 2021:

  • Zero use of glyphosate and rodenticide at all 147 sites.
  • 130 out of 147 sites successfully managed without pesticide.
  • Conventional pesticide use decreased 54% over previous year.
  • Parks staff supervised participants in the Adult Offender Work Program (AWOP), a jail alternative, performing IPM while acquiring practical work skills.
  • Parks staff completed baseline study and set goals to reduce aquatic weeds and algae using manual methods and organic or minimum-risk products.

Read the 2021 IPM Annual Report PDF

IPM award winner Suzanne Bontempo

2021 IPM Achievement Awardees

Each year the IPM Commission recognizes individuals and organizations that demonstrate innovation, knowledge, skill, leadership, inspiration, and courage in pursuing new systems of pest management that result in reduction in pesticide use within Marin County. The public is invited to submit nominations annually. 2021 IPM Achievement Awardees are Suzanne Bontempo and Dana Swisher.

2021 IPM award winner Suzanne Bontempo is an experienced horticulturalist and IPM advocate. She serves as the program coordinator for Our Water Our World (statewide), focusing on education and outreach to help homeowners and retailers to reduce pesticide impacts in Marin.

IPM award winner Dana Swisher


2021 IPM award winner Dana Swisher is a teacher and Hawks Garden director at Neil Cummins Elementary school in Corte Madera. The school garden and the adjacent restoration site provides place-based learning opportunities to educate students, their families, school staff, and community members about local ecology and integrated pest management practices.

For questions about the IPM program contact Parks Superintendent Jim Chayka.