• EMS Recruitment Notice

    Firefighter & Firefighter/Paramedic Opportunity Marin County Fire Department is recruiting for a Firefighter and a Firefighter/Paramedic. To be considered for either position, you must be on the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) Statewide Eligibility List.
    Firefighter Recruitment Notice | Firefighter/Paramedic Recruitment Notice | Recruitment Procedures and Information

  • Defensible Space

    Defensible Space 100 feet defensible space – it is the law! Protect your home from wildfire! It's important to create defensible space around your home now. Our Defensible Space flyer provides important 'how-to' create defensible space to help firefighters help you in the event of a wildfire.

  • Free Green Waste Days

    Free Green Waste Days Wildfire is coming!  The County of Marin and Marin Fire have partnered with West Marin Compost and FIRESafe Marin to offer Free Green Waste Days June 11-12 and July 9-10. Take this opportunity to dispose of your cut vegetation for free.

  • Readiness is Our Business

    Readiness is Our Business One of the most important responsibilities of Marin County Fire Department is to be prepared for a response of any type at any time. Readiness is the business of the 147 men and women members of MCFD. For more information, please view our readiness video.

  • Photo of the San Francisco Bay from Mt. Tamalpais - Lookout images available now

    Fire Detection Cameras Our Fire Detection Camera network is scanning the county 24/7 for the threat of new fires.  We also provide near live time images for the public from these cameras.  For more information, please visit the webpage dedicated to our cameras.

  • Fighting a wildfire in trees

    In the Thick of It It's no easy task fighting a fast-moving wildfire on a hot day. Smoke, ash and heat are intense as you can see in this photo from the Humboldt Fire.

  • EMS rescue of an injured hiker

    Emergency Medical Services Our paramedics are a highly trained fast response team who are equipped with the latest technology and often are the first responders to a medical emergency.

  • Tamalpais Fire Crew

    Tamalpais Fire Crew Marin County Fire Department’s Tamalpais Fire Crew is dedicated to wildland fire response and vegetation management throughout the County of Marin.

  • Flood Rescue

    Flooding Flooding can be catastrophic, forcing people from their homes and cutting off access to supplies and emergency services.  We're there to help.

  • Fire Academy Training

    Training But the larger part of our jobs is fighting/preventing fires.  Ongoing training is an important part of keeping fire and emergency personnel prepared in the event of a fire.

  • Ocean rescue

    Water Rescue Our water borne rescues are not just restricted to flooding and other land-based situations.  We're also training to assist boaters and swimmers in trouble in the ocean.

  • Humboldt Fire

    Humboldt Fire, Mutual Aid When fires are out of control it's common for firefighters from other areas to assist local personnel. Such was the case with this fire in Butte County.

  • Mutual Aid situation E1565 at the Sand Fire in El Dorado County

    Sand Fire, El Dorado County Another Mutual Aid Situation; E1565 defending a structure with support from Tanker 911 on the Sand Fire in El Dorado County.

  • US&R

    Urban Search and Rescue Our team was the first US&R Team to be recognized as a Regional Task Force (RTF) and has been used as a model for 10 additional RTFs throughout the State of California.

  • West Fire, Kern County

    Aerial Support Helicopters are often used in 'air attacks' to fight wildfires as they are capable of dumping water on fire areas which are difficult to reach from the ground.