Public Administrator

Roy Given, Department of Finance
The Public Administrator of the County of Marin responsibilities include
  • Securing property if a person dies in Marin County and a relative or other appropriate person is not immediately available to claim the property.
  • Providing for interment of a deceased person when there are no known relatives, make a search for heirs, and, if none are found, administer the estate.
  • Protecting the assets and manage the affairs of deceased residents of Marin County who, at the time of death, left no known heirs, no will, and no named executor, or when there is not a qualified person willing to assume the responsibility.
In addition, the Public Administrator may act as the administrator of estates when named in a will as executor or when heirs make the request.

In order to carry out these responsibilities, the Public Administrator oversees an experienced professional staff of Deputy Public Administrators who are sworn to provide services in accordance with California state law. I also maintain the services of Marin County Counsel, who are attorneys experienced in the practice of Probate law.

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