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Safe Communities

Safe Communities

Diversification of Sheriff’s Staff

Safe Communities

The Sheriff’s Office has made a concerted effort over the past three years to diversify its team.

Recognizing that every applicant could bring different experiences to the job, the Sheriff’s Office started its Cadet/Intern Program for current college students in 2014. Working with regional colleges, the Sheriff’s Office benefitted from the college system’s efforts to reach students of different backgrounds. Paid cadets and interns rotate through various roles, serving alongside full-time law enforcement team members.

About 10 cadets and interns have been hired in the past three years after completing the program. Also, 21 percent of all Sheriff’s hires were Latino and 54 percent were women, including half of the sworn deputies in 2017.

Diversifying the staff has helped broaden and enrich the department’s perspectives, ensuring that the team continues to provide excellent public service to everyone living in Marin.


District Attorney
  • Number of guns removed from streets via buyback initiative: 685
Child Support Services
  • Number of Families served by Child Support Services: 2466
  • % of child support cases with active court orders: 97.5%
  • Total child, spousal and medical support collected and distributed in one year: $12.9M
  • Cumulative percent of current support collected and distributed within the month it is due: 78.2%
Fire Department
  • Number of fires responded to: 116
  • Number of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) calls responded to: 3395
  • % of urban EMS calls responded to within 10 minutes: 78%
  • Number of hazard warning/citations issued: 853
  • Number of attendees at community education events: 2919 attendees at 87 events
  • Number of full-time personnel: 90
  • Number of seasonal employees: 65
  • Number of defensible space inspections conducted: 4212
  • Annual average daily jail population: 324
  • Annual total number of 9-1-1 calls processed by the communications center: 51,724
  • Number of 9-1-1 calls received, where 90% of calls are answered within 10 seconds: 97.89%
  • Number of warrants processed: 2,773
  • Number of Major Crimes Task Force cases assigned: 186
  • Number of school visits conducted by school resource officers: 453
Public Defender
  • Number of requests for Public Defender assistance at arraignments: 1562
  • Number of cases settled through negotiation at arraignment: 336
  • Percentage of clients assessed for holistic service needs: 75%
  • Number of successful case expungements: 102
  • Number of AB109 Clients served: 189
  • % of clients that successfully complete probation: 72%
  • Number of adult probation cases supervised: 1,729
  • Rate of recidivism for adult probationers: 6.5%
  • % of juveniles successfully diverted from the court system 77%

Highlights from 2016-17

  • The County created a Safe Drug Disposal Program, requiring drug producers selling medications in Marin to help collect and dispose of unwanted drugs from residential sources.
  • The District Attorney’s established a Hate Crime Hotline and created a new webpage to address human trafficking.
  • Several County departments coordinated the third annual Marin County Family Violence Prevention Summit to promote peace in the home and protect vulnerable populations.
  • The Social Host Accountability Ordinance was amended to prohibit marijuana and add party buses and limousines to the underage gatherings at which loud parties are prohibited.
  • As part of its “holistic representation” approach, the Public Defender staff has guided struggling clients toward therapeutic programs that led them on the road to recovery.