Loma Verde Preserve

320-acre Loma Verde Preserve covers the northeast slope of Big Rock Ridge.

Rangers Recommend

  • Loma Verde, Ignacio Valley, Pacheco Valle, and Indian Valley preserves form a contiguous band of undisturbed open space encompassing virtually the entire northern slope of eastern Big Rock Ridge.
  • All access routes are strenuous, but uncommon natural beauty, spectacular views, and top-of-the-world solitude make the climb worthwhile.
  • Marvel at unbroken expanses of rugged chaparral and woodland, earning the name "green hill" in Spanish.
  • Travel through to Pacheco Valle and public lands managed by Lucas Valley Homeowners Association and Marinwood Community Services District–3,000 total acres of rugged open space.
  • Dogs are welcome. Dogs must be leashed on trail, and under voice command on fire roads, with leash readily available.

Naturalist Notes

  • Deep, difficult to access canyons provide haven for wildlife.
  • Sandstone slopes and ridges favor the growth of madrone trees. In winter, cedar waxwings, band tailed pigeons, hermit thrushes, and American robins flock to feast on red madrone berries.
  • Look for California sister butterflies along the forest edge.
  • Western skinks and alligator lizards hunt among the leaf litter.
  • Check out the iNaturalist field guide. Add your own observations.


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Dogs On Leash
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Dogs Voice Control
Horseback Riding

Know Before You Go

  • Stay on roads and trails to preserve sensitive ecosystems and to avoid trespassing on private property.
  • Be courteous and safety conscious when sharing roads and trails. Go slow and say hello.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Trails can be muddy during rainy season.
  • Bring water.
  • There are no restrooms at this location.
  • Steer clear of poison oak.
  • After an outing, check for ticks.