How to Participate

All residents are invited to participate in the Restrictive Covenant Project. See below for three ways that you can get involved!

Certification Through the Community Development Agency

Illegal and unlawful language may be submitted to the County’s Community Development Agency for review to certify such covenants cannot be enforced, are illegal, and are inconsistent with Marin County laws and values.  This certified document can be included with the homeowner’s title report for future and potential buyers.

To submit your property deed for review by the Community Development Agency:

  1. Review the title report you received from the title company when you purchased your property. You should have received a title report as part of the seller’s disclosure packet that also included information about annual property taxes and any outstanding liens on the property;
  2. Determine whether you were provided a complete copy of the CC&Rs:
    • You can refer to your title report for the recording reference where the restrictive covenants are located. You may contact your local title company to obtain a copy of the document.  Or you can view or purchase a copy of the restrictions from the Marin County Assessor-Recorder’s Office located at 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 232, San Rafael, CA 94903.
  3. If illegal racially restrictive covenants exist in your CC&Rs:
    • Make a copy of your deed and/or title report;
    • Highlight the illegal or unlawful language on the copy of your property deed.
  4. Send the copy of your deed with the highlighted language to: Liz Darby, Community Development Agency, 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 303, San Rafael CA 94903. Also include your name, contact information (email, phone), and return address. You can also send the deed, contact information, and return address by email to Liz Darby.

Upon review and certification, your copy will be returned to you within 30 days.

Recording Through the Assessor Recorder’s Office

State law authorizes a person who holds an ownership interest of record in property that is the subject of a racially or otherwise unlawfully restrictive covenant to record a Restrictive Covenant Modification document to have the illegal language stricken.

Homeowners who are interested in recording a Restrictive Covenant Modification document should visit the Marin County Assessor-Recorder’s website to learn more.

Submit a Story, Photo, Video, or More!

You are invited to share stories, photos, or experiences about the impact of racial covenants in Marin and how it has affected your life and the lives of those you know and love.

 Submit your “story” using this form and you will be helping us learn collectively as a County.

For any questions about the project, please reach out to Liz Darby.