Report a Short Term Rental Issue

If you have a complaint about a Short Term Rental within the unincorporated areas of the County, you may contact our Short Term Rental Hotline at (415) 300-4445. You may also submit a complaint by filling out an online form[External].

At a minimum, you must have the address of the Short Term Rental when making a complaint.

Please note that this 24-hour Hotline is operated by Host Compliance, a third-party contractor that provides Short Term Rental compliance and monitoring services to the County. Your complaint will be logged by Host Compliance, and if you select the option to inform the person listed as the Local Contact of the complaint, Host Compliance will contact the Local Contact Person to inform them of the issue.

Any complaint received by the Hotline will be logged and provided to County staff for review during regular office hours. Staff may follow up with you or the Short Term Rental operator, as necessary.

If you have a non-emergency complaint associated with noise, parties, trespassing, and/or traffic/parking related issues, please contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at (415) 473-7250. 

If you feel that the safety of you or others within your community is at risk, please contact 911.