The Marin County Emergency Rental Assistance program provides greatly needed rent relief to Marin County landlords and renters who have faced financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rental Assistance Program is intended to help eligible households cover rental and utilities arrears, prospective payments for rent and utilities, and to provide funding for housing stabilization services. The goal of the program is to prevent evictions and housing instability due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is a partnership with our local Community Based Organizations (CBOs), tenants, landlords and housing providers.

Dashboard Description

The program dashboard below gives a snapshot view of the program’s progress to date and total funds paid. It also breaks down the applications that have received funding by race, ethnicity, age group, household size, and Area Median Income (AMI) level.

  • The most common age groups to receive funds are cases between the ages of 30 to 59.
  • Approximately one third of cases that have received funding identify their ethnicity as Hispanic/Latinx, and the most common race reported was White or Asian.
  • Most households to receive funding consist of one to two people and are less than 30% of the Area Median Income level.


The following terms, including their definitions, are used to describe the allocation of Rental Assistance funds:

  • Total Requested: Total amount of assistance requested for rent and utilities subject to review of required eligibility criteria.
  • Total Allocated: Total funding available for rental assistance payments (ERA1 and ERA2 allocations).
  • Unique Household Served: Number of unique households in Marin County that have received Emergency Rental Assistance.
  • Total Funds Paid: Total amount of rent and utility payments that have been paid.
  • Total Funds Obligated: Funds that have been identified for and committed to an Eligible Household or Eligible Landlord pending final application approval.
  • Total Remaining Balance: Total amount of rental assistance available for allocation.
Emergency Rental Assistance Summary Indicators
Total Requested $40,940,899
Total Allocated $36,414,871
Unique Households Served 1,499
Monthly Average Rent Award $1,537
Monthly Median Rent Award $1,572
Total Funds Paid $25,984,572
Total Funds Obligated $940,766
Total Remaining Balance $9,489,533