Sea Level Rise Virtual Reality Project


As a community, we can take action now to turn the challenges of sea level rise into an opportunity to prepare for change.  But first we have to know what we're up against and what our options might be.  It's hard to imagine what that would be like - and more importantly: what we might do about it.

But seeing is believing.  Visualizing climate impacts can help us overcome our inclination to think "not HERE, not NOW, not US"!

Seeing the tangible effects of rising water in our community helps us all understand how climate change is already impacting the places we live in, and what the future will hold.  This is one way to inspire us to get involved in planning for a future with more water - including signing up for more information, sharing the project with others, and participating in community planning efforts.

Knowledge will help all of us become more resilient, as individuals and as communities