Medicinal Cannabis Program: Applications


On July 23, 2019 the Board of Supervisors found that authorizing the issuance of three separate MCDORe licenses for applications at the same site, 7 Mt. Lassen Drive, may impact the ability of individual licensees to effectively implement security measures at the site and create cross-licensing complications associated with licensee and site-specific conditions. Thus, the Board of Supervisors authorized the Clerk of the Board to conduct a lottery to select one applicant and for the Community Development Agency to subsequently issue a MCDORe license to one licensee at 7 Mt. Lassen Drive, San Rafael. The Board of Supervisors also authorized the two applicants that were not selected in the lottery to submit new Site Review applications for different sites within six months of this decision. On July 24, 2019 the Clerk of the Board conducted a lottery, in which the Elite Herbs was not selected.

On December 17th, Elite Herbs submitted a Site Review application for a new site location at 25 Evergreen Ave, Mill Valley. The Site Review application underwent a technical analysis by the County’s Cannabis Program staff for compliance with the operating requirements of the County Ordinance and State Regulations. In addition, the application was evaluated on how effective the application was at demonstrating the ability to meet all operating requirements at the proposed site.

Select the applicant name below to view the redacted version of their operating procedures per the “Site Review” application submittal requirements. The “Applicant Review” submittal documents are available upon request.