Marin Bay Waterfront Adaptation and Vulnerability Evaluation (BayWAVE)


BayWAVE is a focused vulnerability assessment (VA) of the eastern Marin shoreline from the Golden Gate Bridge to the county line north of Novato. The fundamental goal of the BayWAVE project is to increase awareness and preparation for future SLR impacts by using this coordinated, multi-jurisdictional assessment.

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

What Is The Vulnerability Assessment?
The vulnerability assessment is an informational document that catalogs impacts with six different sea level rise scenarios across the entire bay shoreline. The best available science was used to complete the report with a range of projections including those that we already face with high tides and storms. Marin already deals with flooding on a regular basis and this report demonstrates the impacts across jurisdictional boundaries and along our shared resources, utilities, and infrastructure.

Where Are The Solutions?
The report is a starting point for a common understanding of the risks, but it does not provide solutions. There are few easy solutions and most require additional input from the public and private landowners, resource agencies, through new and existing partnerships, and with additional funding. This first step is a comprehensive look at what happens and when. The next step is to begin working with willing partners and communities to plan for adaptation.

Where Do I Start?
The vulnerability assessment doesn’t have to be read all the way through, though readers should start with the introduction and methodology section to understand how the report is written and what information was used to compile the data. Read by location or by asset types to learn about the impacts.

Where Can I Go To Find Out More?
The model used is readily available at the Our Coast Our Future website. We chose this model and scenarios after careful consideration of the available options. To understand our process, visit our webpage on the scenarios. We encourage you to get involved in emergency preparedness, greenhouse gas reductions, or by staying in touch with our efforts. The One Map, Many Futures data set from BCDC was made available after we completed our interviews and verification of the impacts with stakeholders.  This set of maps shows the vulnerable shoreline with incremental tidal inundation, which is useful for anyone planning along the shoreline edge.  This shoreline data from BCDC will be incorporated into our adaptation planning. Visit our website at


FINAL Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

DRAFT Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Public Review April 2017