About the Project

BayWAVE is a focused vulnerability assessment (VA) of the eastern Marin shoreline from the Golden Gate Bridge to the northern end of Novato. BayWAVE will evaluate the extent of impacted assets, assess the sensitivity and adaptability of selected assets and work with the local cities and towns to plan implementation of adaptation strategies. The fundamental goal of the BayWAVE project is to increase awareness and preparation for future SLR impacts by using this coordinated, multi-jurisdictional assessment.

BayWAVE is early action to begin the adaptation planning along the shoreline. Early action items include coordination with Marin Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Planning team on flood warnings, an adaptation toolkit to explain how the various engineering solutions work, and lastly, a summary of several ongoing feasibility studies to integrate flood protection, sea level rise, and habitat in Novato, Santa Venetia, and Richardson Bay. These demonstration projects are in design and could be implemented in the near-term.

BayWAVE is the first phase of an anticipated long-term planning effort. A second phase is expected to continue planning and response based on the Vulnerability Assessment. With guidance from elected officials throughout Marin, advice and collaboration from professional staff across the governmental spectrum, and informed participation of Marin’s citizens, County staff dedicated to this project will achieve that goal over the next 18 months.

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BayWAVE deliverables