Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)

What is HOT

The Marin Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) is a collaborative effort of local public and nonprofit entities designed to bridge the system gaps and assist those in greatest need to access permanent housing. We are a collaboration of public and nonprofit partners to help the hardest to serve homeless individuals in San Rafael and beyond

Many people with long histories of homelessness struggle with complex, multi-layered issues that interfere with their ability to gain and maintain stable housing. These factors often cause individuals to fall through the cracks between existing programs and remain on the streets instead. HOT’s goal is not only to house those high needs persons, but also to mend the system cracks so that more people can permanently end their homelessness.

Additionally, people with many barriers often struggle to navigate our community services safety net programs on their own. HOT partners navigate these systems for each HOT client, ensuring that each person receives customized care and a direct route to permanent housing whenever possible.

How it Works

Using national best practices, HOT focuses at any given time on a small number of people experiencing chronic homelessness; the current pilot project targets those with the highest needs located in downtown San Rafael. Outreach workers from the San Rafael Police Department and Community Action Marin engage candidates to build trust. Once a person grants permission, they are added to the HOT list.

HOT partners meet on a biweekly basis to craft and implement an action plan to assist each HOT client to access permanent housing. Depending on a person’s needs and goals, an action plan may include access to behavioral health treatment, reengagement with family, wraparound case management or other assistance, all with the goal of placing that person as quickly as possible in permanent housing appropriate for their needs. Once a person is placed, a new person is added to the HOT list.

Contact Information

Katy Spence
St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin