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April 13, 2023

Your Voice Matters! Community Survey on the Way

County to measure customer service and evaluate priorities through short survey this spring

¡Su opinión importa! Próxima encuesta comunitaria

Ý Kiến Của Quý Vị Rất Quan Trọng! Khảo Sát Cộng Đồng Sắp Diễn Ra

San Rafael, CA – The County of Marin wants to hear from the community about whether delivery of needed services is meeting expectations and to help the Board of Supervisors determine the most important priorities for the next five years.

Artistic Graphic says Your Voice Matters, Marin County Community SurveyThis year's includes questions about general quality of life, local policies, demographics, and rating of local government services.

The County government will mail 4,500 surveys to randomly selected households in mid-April. To ensure everyone has a chance to take part, the survey will be available online to all Marin County households in mid-May. All responses are anonymous. Recipients have the option of returning their surveys in a postage-paid envelope or completing an English, Spanish, or Vietnamese version online.

“It’s important to the Board of Supervisors to ask residents for their opinion on County services and their quality of life in Marin,” said Stephanie Moulton-Peters, President of the Marin County Board of Supervisors. “This is an opportunity to hear how our residents are doing and how things are working in our communities to help us make decisions. Every voice matters. We encourage everyone to participate.”

The County’s first community survey since 2019 includes questions about general quality of life, local policies, demographics, and rating of local government services. Community priorities may have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the County is eager to create a foundation for future strategic planning efforts.

Individuals living in Marin can provide perspectives about the Board of Supervisors’ current and potential budget priorities, including emergency preparedness, affordable housing, equity in County programs and policies, climate change, and investing in County infrastructure. There will be an open-ended question asking households what they think should be the biggest priority for the County over the next five years.

In 2019, survey responses confirmed the Board’s priorities and has informed the County budget and related actions since then. For example, the Board presented Measure C to voters in March 2020, a special parcel tax creating the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, a multijurisdictional organization focused on preventing and mitigating wildfires throughout Marin. This was driven by the 2019 survey respondents’ keen interest in emergency and wildfire preparedness.

“We expect to receive information from the survey that allows us to compare our results prior to COVID and to other communities nationwide,” said Jennifer Gates, Strategic Project Manager for the County Administrator’s Office. “We want to understand the needs of our communities, and the best way to do that is by talking to our customers.”

Polco’s National Research Center will conduct the comprehensive, scientific survey. Prenotification postcards will be mailed April 18 to those selected to take part, followed by the survey about a week later. Survey results will be available online in late summer 2023 and shared during a public workshop with the Board.

Polco will be paid up to $43,000 for handling the survey. Responses can be parsed by Supervisorial district, town or city, and by demographics such as monthly housing cost, income, age and other factors. The survey is expected to have less than a 5% margin of error. For more information, visit


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