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For Immediate Release
April 15, 2022

Bay Area Elections Officials Assure Trust in Elections

Eleven registrars seek partners in delivering accurate, nonpartisan, timely information

The following is a joint message from the registrars in 11 San Francisco Bay Area counties, including Marin County.


Local election officials are your trusted source of nonpartisan election information.

The registrars of voters around the Bay Area have created a coalition to deliver accurate, current, and transparent election information to our nearly five million voters. Our goal is to highlight the security surrounding elections, including the audits we conduct to assure accurate and secure elections.

We are seeking partnerships with journalists, reporters, and community groups to help us deliver accurate, non-partisan, and timely information regarding elections.

Democracy is fragile and public trust in elections is essential to, and the hallmark of, a well-functioning system of government.

Ongoing disinformation campaigns misguide the public with unfounded claims regarding the certified systems we use to conduct accurate and transparent elections. These malicious efforts erode voters’ trust, faith, and confidence in elections and may dissuade voters from participating in future elections.

Your local county election official is your trusted source of legitimate election information. If you hear questionable claims regarding an election, reach out to your local elections office, so we can clarify it for you. You can also refer to our websites and follow our official accounts on social media. For more information, visit the BayAreaVotes website or its Facebook page.


Lynda Roberts
Registrar of Voters
Elections Department

Marin Civic Center Administration Building
3501 Civic Center Drive
Suite 121
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 473-6401
Email: Lynda Roberts
Elections website