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For Immediate Release
March 17, 2022

Drawdown: Marin is Now MarinCAN

MarinCAN accelerate countywide climate action by increasing coordination

San Rafael, CA – With support from the County of Marin, a new nonprofit has launched to address climate change through collective action. MarinCAN is about taking action now to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increase community resilience, and address racial and social equity.

An artistic graphic says Marin CANReducing GHGs, increasing community resilience to climate change, and addressing racial and social equity are key components of the new nonprofit.

The Marin County Community Development Agency’s Sustainability Team is helping to orchestrate MarinCAN’s launch and build on momentum from the initiative previously called Drawdown: Marin. MarinCAN, which is short for Marin Climate ActioN, embodies a “can-do” attitude and will accelerate its partners’ efforts so that all those working to achieve aggressive GHG reduction goals can meet those targets. Increased awareness and collaboration between government, community, and businesses can lead to implementation of the most impactful strategies.

The newly appointed MarinCAN board of directors will be responsible for leading the efforts. The board is comprised of community members, a sustainability commissioner, Supervisors, local agencies, and elected officials. Day to day, the CDA Sustainability team will guide progress and support the nonprofit.

Increased carbon dioxide and the impacts of climate change pose a threat to both global systems and the well-being of Marin residents. Through a commitment to climate action planning that dates to 2002, the County government has supported efforts resulting in a 26% reduction of countywide community emissions between 2005 and 2019 and continues to implement sustainability programs. MarinCAN’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality while drawing additional carbon into the soil and water by 2045.

Over the past several years, County personnel have worked with Marin’s towns, cities, community-based organizations, frontline communities, and individuals to develop projects, policies, and programs that boost local sustainability and integrate equity. That work is summarized in the organization’s Strategic Plan and seven Endorsed Solutions were integrated in the County’s Climate Action Plan 2030.

The public can visit to sign up for updates, learn more about local climate solutions, how they can support those solutions, and how to support our partners.

Stay connected with MarinCAN via on Facebook and Instagram for community events. Contact us via email with questions on our programs or to request more information. To learn more about other County sustainability efforts, visit the Sustainability Team’s webpage.


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