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December 03, 2020

Registrar Certifies ‘Election Like No Other’

Canvass of votes to be presented to Board of Supervisors on December 15

San Rafael, CA – The Marin County Elections Department has certified the November 3 General Election and the Marin County Board of Supervisors is set to accept the canvass of the local results on December 15 to finalize one of the most memorable elections in history.

An exterior view of the Marin County Elections Department, with American flag hanging in front of the door.The voter turnout for the November 3 General Election was just over 90% in Marin County, according to the Registrar of Voters.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, new legislation that altered the election process and the possibility of Public Safety Power Shutdown events during voting, the Elections Department worked long hours to plan and administer one of the most challenging elections anyone can recall. 

“It was an election like no other,” said Registrar of Voters Lynda Roberts. “This one will definitely live in our collective memory for a very long time.”

Personnel from other County departments were called upon and willingly gave support when Roberts asked for assistance – whether it was providing staffing and technical help, assisting with ballot drop box pick-ups, making the workplace COVID-19 safe for employees, or finding more working space, departments were there when needed.

Voter turnout was just over 90%, second in documented Marin County history only to the 2008 General Election that had nearly a 91% turnout.

Roberts also reported these facts from the election:

  • 145,763 people (92%) voted by mail (VBM)
  • 12,340 people (8%) voted at polling places
  • 633 people (0.4%) cast provisional ballots
  • Number of people who registered to vote and voted within 14 days of the election: 1,098
  • Age group with highest number of those who registered to vote and voted within 14 days of the election: 18-24
  • Number of VBM ballots received by Election Day from post offices, drop boxes or polling places: 144,142
  • Number of VBM ballots postmarked by Election Day and received after the election: 1,621
  • Number of VBM ballots collected from drop boxes:77,423
  • Most popular drop box: The drive-through box at the Civic Center’s north archway, with 18,354 ballots
  • Precinct with the highest turnout by percentage (excludes all-mail ballot precincts): Marin County Office of Education (#10902), 96.25%
  • Precinct with highest number of votes cast: Ignacio area of Novato (#50608), 4,823 ballots
  • Precinct with highest percentage of VBM votes (excludes all-mail ballot precincts): Terra Linda-Civic Center area (#11217), 89.87%

The voter turnout percentages by age group based on the number of registered voters in that group were as follows:

  • Age 18-24: 79.8% (91.4% by VBM ballot)
  • Age 25-34: 79.1% (91.2% VBM)
  • Age 35-44: 89.2% (91.5% VBM)
  • Age 45-54: 92.0% (90.4% VBM)
  • Age 55-64: 93.2% (90.9% VBM)
  • Age 65-74: 94.6% (93.6% VBM)
  • Age 75 and older: 92.3% (95.5% VBM)

Additional information about election results reporting and processing vote-by-mail and provisional ballots can be found on the California Secretary of State’s website.


Lynda Roberts
Registrar of Voters
Elections Department

Marin Civic Center Administration Building
3501 Civic Center Drive
Suite 121
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 473-6401
Email: Lynda Roberts
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