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February 25, 2016

Marin History Museum to Elect New Board of Directors

New funding leads to greater museum sustainability

San Rafael, CA – With a new Board of Directors soon in place and renewed hope for community support, the Marin History Museum, a private non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, is moving forward with plans to transition leadership for a sustainable future. The current six board members will retire after electing up to four new directors and completing the transfer of the Museum’s stewardship by no later than March 31, 2016.

Marin History Museum logoThe Marin History Museum was established in 1935.
The new Museum board initially will be comprised of up to four new directors and will include longtime Marin community leaders Ann Batman, Al Boro, Gary T. Ragghianti and William P. O’Connell, Jr.

Museum philanthropist Jeff Craemer has made a charitable donation of $50,000 to match the County’s $50,000 in financial support to assist the Museum in retiring current debts, as well as paying for the storage and inventory of the collection. Stewardship of the Museum’s assets will be supported by in-kind technical assistance by the Marin County Free Library to ensure continued maintenance of the Museum’s Collections.

“We are well aware how important this collection is to the people of Marin County,” said District One County Supervisor Damon Connolly, “and we look forward to working with the new board to create a sustainable business plan for the future and completing a collections inventory over the next six months.”

Museum Board President Jean Zerrudo said, “The current board is very pleased that the Museum’s nonprofit status and charitable mission will continue with a new board to pursue and enhance a greater sustainability strategy.”

Since its formation in 1935, the Museum has collected, protected and shared stories of Marin County history. Its collections consist of 20,000 artifacts, 200,000 photographs and a research library. 


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