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For Immediate Release
November 13, 2015

Marin Prepares for Longevity Boom

Community resources just a call or click away with enhanced County staff

San Rafael, CA – Older adults are the fastest growing age group in Marin County. Today one in four Marin residents is over age 60, and that number is estimated to rise to one in three by 2030. On average, Marin residents enjoy a life expectancy that ranks among the top five of all counties in the United States.

On the right is a 5-foot-tall sign promoting the Information & Assistance phone number 415-457-INFO. On the left are people mingling at an information table at senior fair.The new 415-457-INFO line was promoted at the recent Senior Fair in San Rafael.

The County of Marin recognizes the growing needs of seniors and assigns it a high priority. With a growing older adult population living longer lives, more questions are being asked about appropriate community-based resources. Marin County Aging and Adult Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is poised to provide answers.

Over the past year, the department’s Information and Assistance program has undergone major enhancements to meet the needs of older adults, family members and care partners in Marin. By reorganizing existing personnel and processes, there are now more HHS professional resource staff members available to speak directly to those calling 415-457-INFO during business hours. Callers can receive information about a full range of local public, nonprofit and private social services and related resources. The professional resource workers can help a caller explore options and identify individual needs and circumstances.

More assistance is available online with HHS’ new Community Resource Guide, a comprehensive service database. If face-to-face contact is preferred, in-person visits can be arranged at the Aging and Adult Services office at 10 North San Pedro Road in San Rafael.

“The goal is that you get to the right place for services and information in a way that works for you,” said Lee Pullen, Director of Aging and Adult Services.

“When I reached out, I got an immediate response,” said Adriana Brown, a San Rafael resident. “Someone answered the phone and gave me resources to help my mom. I got a follow-up call and an email. There was so much effort, and people were so kind. The experience was very positive and rewarding.”

Many older Marin residents want to stay in their homes and continue living in the community. However, gradually they might need some assistance with help at home, yard care, meal deliveries or transportation. The Information and Assistance program, and specifically the new Community Resource Guide, is an important resource for those residents and their families. The program is a fundamental element of HHS’ service system for adults, complimenting existing community programs and strengthening connections between them.

“Navigating community resources can be challenging and overwhelming, and no one should feel they have to do it alone,” said Chloe Cook, supervisor of the 415-457-INFO service. “It is OK to ask for assistance. In fact, it’s encouraged. We are here to help.”

Marin County Aging and Adult Services is committed to ensuring that residents get connected to needed services and information. Contact 415-457-INFO (4636) or email Learn more by visiting


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