County of Marin - Press Releases - Summer Road Paving

For Immediate Release
July 08, 2013

Public Works Continues Summer Project Schedule

Major road resurfacing for 19 percent of all County-maintained roads

The following is a summary of roads and engineering projects in the coming months from the Marin County Department of Public Works. Funding for all projects comes from the Marin County General Fund, the Transportation Authority of Marin, the State of California and the federal government.

2013 Paving Program
Construction schedule:
through November
Cost: $17 million
Project: In total, the summer project includes resurfacing of 19 percent of Marin’s 421 miles of County-maintained roads and will reduce a backlog of maintenance work estimated to cost more than $160 million. Road rehabilitation will be through asphalt pavement and seal coat resurfacing. Work includes 26 miles of overlay and 47 miles of seal coating. Road maintenance costs increase dramatically when routine maintenance is deferred. Preventive maintenance treatments applied earlier in a pavement life cycle saves on expensive resurfacing treatments later. The County’s Pavement Condition Index, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, stands at 57 on a 1-89 scale and falls under the “at risk” category. Previously Marin scored 48 in 2006 and 49 in 2005. The County expects the index to rise up to 60 with the 2013 Paving Program and has a goal to be in the 70s as soon as possible. For a list of roads being paved or seal coated, visit the Marin County Public Works website at:

Sir Francis Drake Rehabilitation – Phase 2
Construction schedule:
Aug. 1 to Oct. 15
Cost: $3.7 million
Project: Road rehabilitation and pipe lining from Irving Bridge to Platform Bridge Road in West Marin. Restores a bumpy road and fixes rotten culverts.

Muir Woods Road mile post 0.49 – Retaining Wall Slide Repair
Construction schedule:
Aug. 1 to Oct. 15
Cost: $536,000
Project: Repairs a downhill slide caused by the March 2011 spring storms with a cast-in-drilled-hole concrete retaining wall. The road has been one lane with stop sign control and will remain so for the duration of construction.


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