Prepare and Scan Rosters — Determine Who Voted

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections


Immediately after the election, prepare the rosters for scanning and scan them to capture information about who voted. This process must be finished before provisional ballots can be checked. It is important to correct as many exceptions as possible during this stage so that additional checking at the next stage is minimized.



File Rosters in precinct order within supervisory districts. Immediately remove all of the tan payroll pages from rosters and give to Precinct Coordinator. Make sure each payroll page has its precinct number.

Check Roster Pages

Before unbinding the Roster, take the following actions to prepare the Roster for scanning: use ball point pen with black ink.

  1. Count the number of signatures on each page of roster and write that number in the box at the top right of each page. If the page is blank, leave the box empty. Do NOT write "0" in the box.
  2. Check to make sure that the box to the left of the name of each voter who voted is checked with an X. If the poll worker did not write an X in the box to the left of the voter's name or if the poll worker used a pastel colored ink that the scanner won't see, make an X in the signature box with pen.
  3. If the signature box is checked with an X, but there is no signature on the line, put tape over the box to block the X.
  4. If poll worker has written something other than a signature in the signature line, make a line through it and, if necessary, write explanation in the line.
  5. If the voter has "vote by mail" printed to the right of his/her name and has signed the Roster, check to see if the Inspector wrote, "surrendered" in the notes column. If not, check the pink provisional log for the precinct to see if the voter voted provisionally. If you find a provisional ballot for the voter, cross through the signature and write, "provisional voter" on the signature line. If there is no record of a provisional ballot from the voter, note the precinct number where this happened for follow-up with Inspector.
  6. When finished checking the Roster, initial it in the top right corner and route it for unbinding and scanning.

Remove binding

  1. Use comb binder to remove binding from Roster.
  2. Collect all non-roster pages together with front and back cover and put on top of the Roster pages. Bind together with rubber band and route for scanning.

Scan Roster

  1. Use hi-speed scanner to scan signature pages from each roster.
  2. After scanning the roster, collect all pages of roster, bind together with rubber band and re-file in precinct order.

Record the Vote/No Vote information

  1. After scanning the rosters, import data into EIMS and produce exception lists. (Can import in stages.)
  2. Check exception list for each precinct Roster following EIMS process.
  3. Add information from supplemental roster at this time. (Credit voters on the supplemental pages of the Roster at this time. This is because the supplemental pages are printed after the main roster is printed and do not go through the scanner.)
  4. Check off each name on the exception list as you resolve the exception.
  5. Initial the list and put with the Roster.
  6. Refile the roster in precinct order.
  7. Refer problems or questions to Assistant Registrar.

Check the Who Voted Twice List

  • After the vote/no vote information from the Roster has been applied, produce the Who Voted Twice List from EIMS.
  • After printing the Who Voted Twice List, double check to see if the voters on the list have indeed voted twice. This involves rechecking the scanned rosters, the Provisional Log for the precinct, and the Vote-by-Mail signature. Make note of whether both ballots were counted.
  • If the voter has voted more than once deliberately and both ballots were counted, refer voter to District Attorney for follow-up. (Most of the voters on this list will be VBM voters who have not voted twice, but rather returned their VBM ballot at the polls and signed the Roster by mistake).

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