Enhancing Damaged Ballots

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Some ballots do not need to be duplicated, but can be enhanced so that the scanner can read them. Always work in teams of two so that team members can check each other's work. Following are some examples of when ballots can be enhanced and how to enhance them. In all instances, the voter's original mark must be visible under the enhancement. Initial enhanced ballot in top right corner.

 Ballots where voter has voted for a candidate on the ballot and also written that candidate's name on the write-in line of the ballot and has filled in both ovals.

Put correction tape over the center of oval to the left of the write-in line.

 Ballots where a voter writes on the ballot that he/she made a mistake and gives directions on how to correct it.

Put correction tape over oval that voter indicates was marked by mistake.

 Ballots where voter has not marked the ballot, but has provided written instructions on how to mark it.

Give this ballot with attached voter instructions to the Duplication Board. The Board will assign a serial number to the original document and blank ballot. The Board will mark the ballot as directed by voter's written instructions and file voter's instructions with the voided ballots.

 Ballots that are marked with a light pencil, red or green pen or off the oval in a way that the scanner won't be able to read the mark.

Either duplicate the entire ballot or enhance the oval. To enhance, draw a single horizontal line through the center of the oval with a black voting pen. The mark needs to be read by the scanner but also preserve the voter's original mark.

Do not mix enhanced ballots and duplicated ballots to be counted. Store them in separate to be counted boxes according to the type of ballot (VBM, POLLS, etc.)

NOTE: When duplicating or enhancing ballots, if you are unable to determine voter intent, set ballot aside for resolution by Registrar or Assistant Registrar of Voters.

Resource to determine a valid vote: Secretary of State's Uniform Vote Counting Standards, 11/18/2006

Procedures.canvass.enhancing damaged ballots Rev. 8/4/2011