Elections Department Observer Guidelines

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Election Observer Rules

Face masks are strongly recommended.

Rules are Established using California Elections Code.

  1. Observers must always sign in daily upon arrival and departure. You must wear an observer badge. When signing, you are affirming that you have read the rules for observation.
  2. No eating or drinking is allowed in the work area.
  3. No use of cell phones, cameras or recording devices are permitted in the office.
  4. Due to space limitations, the number of observers in an area may be limited. The elections official will determine the location for observers to view the requested process.
  5. Observers cannot assist in operations, touch or handle any ballots or other election-related materials. Observers cannot challenge action of staff.
  6. All questions concerning a procedure shall be directed to the supervisor in charge and not directly to the employees.
  7. Observers shall avoid physical contact with employees.
  8. Observers will be allowed into the work areas only when employees are performing election operations
  9. Operations will continue as scheduled whether an observer is present or not.
  10. Observers may call in advance to find out when staff will be working on a specific operation, or operations the staff will be working on that day.
  11. An observer may be asked to leave for failure to follow rules. Violation of security by an observer may cause expulsion from the building or relocation by a sheriff’s deputy or building security.